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EMV Cards

The world economy revolves around consumer purchases and consumers are constantly searching for faster, easier and secure methods to pay for all their purchases, regardless of where they are or what they buy. This is the main reason why EMV Cards are able to provide the customer base of financial institutions the comfort factor that the payment transactions they make are highly secure.

EMV (Europay, MasterCard & Visa standard) cards can be used in retail situations anywhere in the world and customers are able to pay for purchases directly and conveniently. Through a network of affiliates, financial institutions are offered the opportunity to provide their services securely worldwide, at minimum operational cost and maximum customer convenience. EMV implementation is a better way of providing customers with secure payment options.

EMV Cards

A range of EMV cards are available to suit various financial business models and implementation environments. From the basic and costeffective chip cards to advanced, custom-designed cards, EMV card solutions are available according to the customer's requirements. The EMV cards support SDA and DDA profiles as per MasterCard and Visa standards. Card Authentication Program (CAP) and Dynamic Passcode Authentication (DPA) features in the EMV cards allow secure services like e-commerce transactions. Combining best-value features with optimum product performance, the EMV cards provide reliability and security for all users. From small to large scale EMV deployments, the offered product range is able to address the customer needs.

Specifications Support

  • VSDC Vis 1.4, VSDC payWave
  • M/Chip2, M/Chip4, M/Chip4 Paypass
  • DPA, CAP
  • Native, Java
  • Memory: 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K

EMV Deployment

Seamless EMV deployment is of utmost importance to a financial institution. Simage understands this core functional requirement and offers solutions for successful EMV deployment, on-site training for smooth implementation, continued support for customers and much more

Financial Institution's Benefits

  • On-demand chip card issuing capabilities
  • Increases customer loyalty through the availability of additional and fast services
  • On-site training from Simage for effective deployment
  • Security and reliability of transactions
  • Reduced loss of reveue due to traditional bank-card fraud
  • Increase in revenue from additional services on the card

MNO Benefits

  • Fast, convenient and easy payment transactions
  • Contactless payment options for most retail purchases
  • Enhanced security on payment transactions