Simage technologies

Secure authentication products and solutions for the enterprise sector


Companies and organizations are users of secure digital identification products and services on a regular basis. Their main objective is to manage access levels through proper ID verification, but digital ID solutions are not limited to just that and can be incorporated in a variety of ways to suit the individual corporate requirement and environment.

Simage - A Partner To Enterprises

Each company is different and has a range of requirements specific to their environment. Whether it is to manage physical access to certain areas, record time and track attendance, secure remote access to online portals, cashless payment transactions or simply for the purpose of identification, Simage offers enterprises a diverse and all-inclusive array of solutions to select and implement. Simage along with its partners is also able to provide consulting and project management services.

The Range of Products & Services Available For Enterprises

  • Staff ID badges (can include photograph and smart chip with encoded biometric data and personal information)
  • Time and attendance tracking systems through ID verification (fingerprint, facial recognition, retina scanning etc)
  • OTP devices for access to online portals employing OpenID standards
  • Cashless payment systems based on securely verified ID
  • Designing, data capturing, encoding and printing systems for high security IDs
  • Microprocessor chips with contact and contactless interface, in devices with different form factors, using advanced encryption and biometric data-storing capability. Use cases are in data protection, ID and access control.
  • End-to-end security systems with image capture, biometric enrollment, card management software, secure credential printing and tamper-proofing

Key Features of Enterprise ID Solutions

  • Flexible, scalable and customizable
  • Encoded biometric and personal data in portable devices
  • Based on contact or contactless technology
  • Employ advanced encryption and security standards
  • Supported by web-enabled issuance software

Enterprise Benefits

  • Access control through clear and proper identification of each staff member at any time
  • Can keep track of attendance and maintain HR systems
  • Able to pay salaries, incentives and reimbursements via secure contactless technology to the exact beneficiary
  • In-house or outsourced ID issuance systems can be maintained (based on budget and other requirements)
  • Protects confidential data and secures facilities from unauthorized access

End User Benefits

  • No daily paperwork to clock-in arrival and departure times
  • Receive payments from the company conveniently on the contactless device
  • Clear ID verification at all times
  • Well-protected personal data and confidential information
  • Tamper-resistant products ensure security
  • Personalized devices securing user identity