Simage technologies



Simage Technologies believes in making a difference in digital security. Our aim is to provide comprehensive digital security solutions for global mobile communications, financial services and identification sectors. An ever-expanding range of products and services for secure, user-friendly and innovative solutions combined with professional expertise from Simage offers cost-effective, interoperable and high-quality digital security systems to all.

Customer centric approach

With our efficient sourcing methodology, we provide a highly competitive product offering to our customers based on their requirements.


We strongly believe in providing innovative products and solutions, which is driven by our expertise and knowledge base in related products and platforms.

Turnkey solution offering

We provide a one-stop shop to our customers so that they can focus on their clients and let us manage the service deployment.


We strongly believe in providing flexibility to our customers with open platforms and clear roadmap of product evolution.


With our flexible sourcing methodology, we can provide customer specific products in a very short time frame thereby supporting our customers with fast service delivery in a dynamic market environment.

Synergizing multiple market segments

With the convergence of various digital elements, we are witnessing greater interdependence of market segments like financial services, mobile communications, transport etc. With our broad experience in these multiple segments, we are ideally positioned to provide our customers with comprehensive support in deploying new services.

Quality Assurance

It is our conviction to provide unmatched quality products and solutions through uncompromising quality control processes that ensure that what our customers get is world-class service that is efficient, economical and environment friendly.