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Controls on the Cloud


SimageM2M Solution Platform provides ‘Controls on the Cloud’ for multiple industry verticals, viz. Energy Efficiency, Asset Management, Network Monitoring, Process Monitoring and Control and Building Automation. 


The SimageM2M solution offers control on the cloud for all its industry verticals for machine-2-machine communications, guaranteeing 24-hour availability, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. SimageM2M industry experts scale the solution to individual client needs.


The SimageM2M control on clouds untethers data and services to makes them available anywhere in the world in a highly secure environment. It offers low upfront costs with a scalable model that provides storage and computational power on demand. SimageM2M operates multiple data centres in different regions to ensure high-speed connectivity and the ability to monitor and control the world's smart cities.


The platform provides simultaneous remote configurationcontrolling, and monitoring of a large number of geographically distributed and disparate devices over the Internet. It solves the problems associated with controlling devices that have unstable or periodic connections and reduces the cost of maintaining a connection to each device by eliminating the need for real static IP addresses and firewall reconfiguration for each node.


In SimageM2M, the server works as a central coordinating element, as well as a central depository of data. In contrast with prior solutions that either require repetitive individual configuration of each device, or rely on proprietary closed systems designed to support specific devices whose hardware and firmware must match exactly what the central server software expects, SimageM2M offers a unifying platform that allows the user to combine devices of different types into a single system without extensive programming or development.


Simage Technologies

Simage Technologies is a company operating in the digital security domain. Its portfolio includes hardware, software and services for its core areas of practice, which are mobile communications, financial services and identification. Simage Technologies provides integrated solutions that are designed to secure the digital interactions in the increasingly connected world.