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SimageM2M Network Manager

Network Management Platform

Being built upon SimageM2M Platform, SimageM2M Network Manager provides unique features as compared to other distributed network management software, such as advanced SNMP data analysis tools, integrated Report Editor, or open-source SDK.

There are hundreds of network management components (alerts, reports, charts, network maps, dashboards, scheduled discovery, etc.) available out-of-the-box. However, all these components are based on SimageM2M's standard data processing and presentation facilities, and therefore may be modified using different visual editors without any coding. New data acquisition, processing and presentation components can also be added with minimal efforts. This makes SimageM2M Network Manager a true platform, a constructor for building your own custom management and monitoring system.

IT Infrastructure Management

  • Monitoring of networks, systems, servers, applications, and services
  • Comprehensive network discovery and dynamic mapping
  • Built-in fault management and network performance/traffic analysis tools
  • The industry’s leading data processing capabilities for non-standard network equipment
  • VoIP, wireless, and virtualized environment monitoring
  • Advanced alerting, charting and reporting
  • Enterprise scalability and role-based access control
  • Integrated GUI Builder and Report Editor
  • Asset management, user-defined asset properties and events
  • SNMP Traps, Syslog, and Windows Event Log consolidation
  • ntegration with third party systems via open-source APIs
  • Extendability via driver/plugin SDK

SimageM2M Platform

Network Monitoring

Scaling from monitoring SOHO networks to managing multiple ISP/MSP datacenters. Comprehensive discovery and dynamic mapping. Advanced event management and alerting, real-time operation dashboards. Reporting, charting, grouped operations and more.

Server Monitoring

Keeping track of availability, CPU load, disk space and memory usage, processes/services status, and custom metrics of servers running under any operating system. Aggregating SNMP traps, Syslog messages and Windows Event Log events. Pre-defined alerts and corrective actions for important server events. File/folder monitoring, remote script execution, and more.

Router/Switch Monitoring

Monitoring status, performance and bandwidth usage of individual router/switch interfaces. All popular network hardware vendors including Cisco, 3Com, Alcatel, Nortel, and Juniper are supported. Integrated charts, reports, and alerts for both standard and custom metrics (e.g. WiMAX signal strength).

Application/Service Monitoring

Discovery and smart monitoring of widespread server applications: web, mail, DNS, FTP, DHCP, SSH, LDAP, Radius, and more. Authentication/authorization, status checking and configurable injection of application data into SimageM2M core for deeper analysis. Monitoring of arbitrary TCP/UDP ports. Preset alerts for typical application problems, network-wide service status dashboard.

Performance Monitoring

Tracking network links quality by measuring and analysing response times, packet loss rates, and downtimes. Host capacity planning assistance by long-term historical trending for CPU load, disk/memory usage, and service response time. Performance degradation alerting and "Top 10" dashboard.

Traffic Monitoring

Facilitation of bandwidth problem troubleshooting, SLA verification, and capacity planning. Historical charts and reports for traffic/bandwidth. Network traffic analysis and detailed information on traffic composition (NetFlow, sFlow). Visual network traffic view builder. Alerting when network talks matching specific criteria are detected.

Virtualized Infrastructure Monitoring

Planning, consolidating, monitoring, optimizing, and automating the virtual infrastructure. Monitoring VMWare ESX/ESXi servers and guest virtual machines. Out-of-the-box alerts for guest VM state change, high memory usage, high CPU load and extensive disk I/O.

Wireless Infrastructure Monitoring

Browsing detailed information on access point's wireless network interfaces, including MAC addresses, number of connected clients, bridges and repeaters, SSID data, etc. Viewing information on wireless clients connected to an access point, including types/roles, signal strength, IP/MAC addresses, uptime and traffic stats.

VoIP Monitoring and IPSLA Verification

Assuring the Quality of Service for your VoIP links by employing Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement technology. Measuring packet loss, latency, jitter, Round-Trip Time, and Mean Opinion Score.

Printer Monitoring

Receiving and processing notifications upon printer problems, like paper jams, out of paper, supply shortages (ink/toner/developer), overfull trays, etc. Centrally collecting and customizing printer asset information, such as models, descriptions, capabilities, and user-defined properties. Remote monitoring of printer status in the real-time.

Database Monitoring

Remotely connecting to any ODBC/JDBC-compliant database server (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostreSQL, etc.) for monitoring its availability and status. Executing dynamically constructed SQL queries and injecting query results into system core for analysis using integrated data mining tools. Optional execution of dynamically generated insert/update/delete queries upon system events.

Datacenter Environment Monitoring

Monitoring temperature, humidity, water flooding, smoke, motion, and air flow in control rooms and data centres using sensors of any types. Industry's best set of sensor device drivers. Configurable alerting thresholds and flexible notification/escalation rules.

JMX Monitoring

Control and monitor Java-based applications, services and Application Servers. Access both standard and application-specific MBeans. View, log and change MBean attributes. Execute MBean operations on-demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts. Collect, store and react to MBean event notifications. Use the full range of integrated data mining tools for processing JMX data.

IT Asset Management

Associating user-defined asset tracking information with every piece of your network equipment. Pre-defined structure of configurable inventory information includes commonly used fields (e.g. location, serial number, model, photo, notes, asset events, etc). Support for lists and tables. Querying, filtering, reporting and historical tracking for all types of asset data.

SNMP Devices Management

Collecting, storing, and analyzing custom metrics from all types of SNMP-enabled devices, such as fan status, environment temperature/humidity, or wireless signal strength. Aggregating, browsing and filtering SNMP traps. Loading MIB files from different vendors into an internal MIB database, support for syntax-highlighted MIB editing. Making SNMP device settings and traps available for integrated data processing tools, visual editors, and third-party systems.

Network Management Framework

Build and deliver branded OEM software based on SimageM2M Platform and its network management extensions. Make all metrics and events collected from diverse network equipment available for third-party applications using open-source APIs and web services. Create dynamic maps, forms, widgets and reports in integrated visual editors. Customize and extend the system by building new plugins using open-source SDK.



Network and Data Center Monitoring

Network Discovery

SimageM2M Network manager scans your network and discovers routers, switches, workstations, servers, printers, and all other types of network equipment. Discovery process detects applications and services running on uncovered computers. Discovery may be scheduled for periodic execution.

The availability of network services is checked by authenticating/authorizing with credentials stored in the centralized repository. SimageM2M Network Manager can also detect custom applications and services listening on user-defined ports.

Discovery is performed using SNMP, ICMP, TCP port scanning, and other methods. Network topology is automatically analyzed by reading interfaces/subnets tables from SNMP-enabled routers. However, it's possible to perform scanning of manually specified subnets and IP ranges.

Discovery engine can create new device accounts and update monitored services configuration for existing accounts. Re-discover Services action is available to obtain up-to-date services information for a single host.



Dynamic Network Mapping

Advanced GUI Builder integrated into SimageM2M Client software help building dynamic network maps of any complexity. These maps may be created automatically in the end of discovery process.

Network maps may contain:

  • Color-coded and/or animated device icons indicating device type and status
  • Valuable device/network information
  • Charts and event logs
  • Links and buttons opening detailed submaps
  • Background images
  • Any other UI components


Small Networks

Small businesses having up to hundred network devices are usually faced to relatively simple monitoring tasks, such as tracking availability of company servers and services (e.g. mail and web).

SimageM2M Network Manager can send email and SMS notifications to company's network administrator if a service or a whole host goes offline before he gets called by one of the management executives.

Medium Networks

Modern medium and large organizations tend to have pretty complex network infrastructure comprising gateway routers, managed switches, network printers, and numerous servers.

Typical network management tasks include bandwith usage monitoring and traffic analysis, historical trending for critical services performance, capacity planning assistance, etc.

Large Networks

Multi-tier networks of ISP/MSPs and multi-office international enterprises require individual approach. It usually involves distributed monitoring of multiple datacenters, virtualized infrastructure, wireless or VoIP networks.

In most cases, monitoring huge networks is associated with extending SimageM2M Network Management by implementing new data acquisition/processing modules or bridging to external applications for performing deep customized data analysis.

Event Consolidation and Management

SNMP traps, Syslog messages and Windows Event Log events are converted into system events and stored centrally. These events may be browsed in Event Log, acknowledged, used for triggering alerts, etc. Real-time and historical events may be filtered, sorted and highlighted by date, source, type, level, and custom expressions.

See Event Management for more information.

Advanced Alerting

Alerts may be trigged by any system event or state, for example when an SNMP trap satisfying a certain condition is received or a monitored parameter of a server/router is out of range.

Every alert may have unlimited expression-based triggers. Alert notifications include popup windows, sound alarms, e-mail and SMS messages, and other methods. Pending alerts and alert escalation are also supported. Alert-to-action bindings allow automatic execution of corrective actions in interactive or non-interactive modes when an alert is raised.

The distribution package includes numerous configurable built-in alerts for typical network, server, application, and service problems (e.g. High Packet Loss Rate, Low Disk Space/Memory, etc.)


Unparalleled Flexibility

  • Fine-grained Polling, Caching and Trending. Polling period, update history storage time and many other options are configured individually for every monitored parameter. SimageM2M Network Manager constantly polls all configured devices and caches their configuration in a server-side database for quick access by other system facilities.
  • Preconfigured Device Templates. Recommended set of monitored parameters and polling intervals is set up automatically for every new device.
  • Reporting. Advanced reporting engine, built-in report editor, report printing and exporting in different formats. Automatic report generation from any viewed/edited data. Scheduled report emailing. Built-in reports for availability, response time, CPU load, disk usage, traffic statistics, and more.
  • Charting. Support for a wide list of chart types, including dynamically updated charts. Pre-defined fully customizable charts for monitoring server CPU load and disk space usage, router traffic, etc.
  • Grouping. Grouping and group operations are available for SNMP devices. Groups may include devices of different manufacturers.
  • Agent-less Monitoring. SimageM2M monitors the network without any agents, so there is no additional software or hardware to install on devices that need monitoring.
  • Distributed Monitoring. SimageM2M Client software is designed to process data coming from several servers located in different parts of a large network. Enterprises may benefit from centralized monitoring of different branches from IT headquaters.