Convergence & More - Machine-2-Machine

Wireless M2M solutions are steadily gaining recognition in the industrial world, where the market is realizing the operational benefits and efficiency savings of real-time data monitoring and wireless telemetry. The M2M solutions are handy applications when remote management, security and data collection are crucial factors in an industrial environment.

According to research, the M2M market revenues could touch USD 40 billion by 2011. The growing market demand currently requires competitive suppliers and mobile operators can maximize their market advantage by exploring the opportunities in M2M services.

SIM plays a key role

The application areas for M2M are endless which include automatedmeter- reading, smart energy grid, security and surveillance, highway and public transport signs, healthcare and vehicle tracking. Similar to all mobile solutions, M2M services are also based on integrated applications in a specially configured SIM. However, M2M SIM products need to be robust, solid and able to withstand harsh industrial usage. Industrial devices are constantly subjected to high pressure, extreme temperatures and vibrations etc, so the SIM cards used in M2M services are sometimes required to be different in material, life span and safety features. The SIM fulfills the key requirements of the market, as

  • Deployment simplicity
  • Better lifespan for long term usage
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Durability for industrial use
  • Security for sensitive data communication between machines

M2M products

The M2M SIMs are specially developed and manufactured to be of industrial strength and provide mobile operators with the opportunity to enter a different market and opens a new avenue of revenue generation. M2M SIMs are offering total wireless solutions for devices in the industrial environment, based on varying temperatures, humidity levels, shock & vibration levels etc.

The products can be made available in the following form factors

M-2-M Plug

  • Standard SIM 2FF format
  • ABS Card Material
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85 Degrees Centigrade

M-2-M Plug (Special Card Material)

  • Standard SIM 2FF format
  • Special Card Material
  • Temperature range: -40 to +105 Degrees Centigrade

M-2-M (Industrial Package)

  • DFN-8 format
  • Temperature range: -40 to +105 Degrees Centigrade

Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Purpose-designed solutions provide mobile operators with the opportunity to tap into a new market and increase revenue streams
  • A simpler logistics chain to manage, rather than elaborate and costly approaches for deployment
  • Provide ready-to-market solutions
  • Positions the operators and allows expansion into the entire interconnected group of industrial business
  • Scalable solutions for future developments in technology and devices

End User Benefits

  • High security and tamper-proof M2M products
  • Varied SIM solutions for diverse industrial environments.
  • Increased SIM lifespan (up to 10 years)
  • Can be integrated into the entire range of industrial devices as required
  • Real-time monitoring of machines, leading to reduction in operational costs and optimization of industrial processes