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Identity Documents

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The need for secure digital identification solutions has risen in the past few years because of cross-border threats and increasing crime rates. The traditional paper or normal plastic based ID documents are susceptible to fraud and governments across the world incur substantial losses every year due to identity theft and illegal immigration.

Public sector entities are looking for ways of perfect identification with maximum security, minimal risk and user convenience to avail the various offered services. Governments around the world are in process of or launching e-government initiatives to streamline the various citizen services. With this increased drive towards e-government programs, where user's personal electronic data is used for granting access to various services, it has become imperative to provide extremely high security for identification and transmission of this sensitive information over digitally connected devices.

Public sector entities, which includes government departments, schools, public libraries, road and transport services, postal services and hospitals, provide important services and facilities hence it is essential to safeguard these entities as well as the public from fraud, identity theft and intentional damage.

Offered Products & Services

Secure Electronic ID Cards And Devices
By introducing secure electronic ID cards and other portable ID devices, the public sector can reap great benefits. The integration of personalized data and biometrics into electronic ID cards is highly recognized as a suitable and verifiable method of identifying a specific person. The microprocessor in the electronic ID card provides safety of stored data and uses advanced encryption mechanisms to secure the digital interactions between the card and other connected devices.


Visual Security Features
Apart from the electronic security, the electronic ID cards also offer visual security and tamper proofing with special cardbody and printing. Various cards materials like PET or polycarbonate can be used and security features like Guilloches, Rainbow printing, OVI (Optically Variable Ink), Special Raster, Ghost Image, Micro-Text, Hologram, UV Inks, ICI (Invisible Constant Information) can be provided based on requirements.


The Range of Products & Services From Simage
Simage together with its technology partners has the capability of providing:

  • Issuance solutions for national, immigrant, voter and social security electronic ID cards

  • Contact and contactless electronic ID cards with biometric data storing capability

  • Facial recognition, fingerprint and retina scan products and solutions for enrolment and identity verification

  • On-Card applications for various e-government services

  • End-to-end security systems with image capture, biometric enrollment, card management software, secure credential printing and tamper-proofing


Public Sector Benefits

  • Several security features available like smart-chip, visual security elements etc for variable security needs

  • Tamper resistant products provide security from identity theft

  • Flexible, scalable and customizable solutions

  • Effective and verifiable identification at all times

  • Ability to securely give access to citizens to various e-government services

  • Helps improve service levels in different public service departments

  • All-inclusive systems for identification management


End User Benefits

  • Personal data is well-protected

  • Tamper-proof and secure ID documents

  • Hassle-free identification wherever they go

  • Convenient access to public services through quick and proper identification

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