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Enterprise Security

Protecting enterprise data and identity access

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Enterprise Security Market

According to Gartner, the global enterprise security market will reach $96 billion by 2018 which is an increase of 8% from 2017. New data regulation globally, like the General Data Protection Regulation to be enforced in Europe from 28th  May 2018, contribute to the rate of growth of the market. Companies want to ensure that their valuable data is secure from cyber attacks and malicious access. In 2018, the Identity Access Market will account for $4.6 billion and infrastructure protection market will see a spending of $ 17.5 billion. 


Security solutions for Enterprises

Simage Technologies is providing a differentiated solution offering in this dynamic market. Our innovative products and services include solution and services for Identity Access Management, Cloud Security, as well as Physical Access Control for the critical infrastructure. 


Ease of deployment and turn-key. 

Simage, together with its partners, can provide end-to-end solutions to the SMEs as well as large enterprises to ensure the right fit for their specific requirements and ease of deployment. We determine the most appropriate solution for our customers by taking a risk-based consultative approach to solutions selling and make sure that the implemented solution complies with the relevant data protection regulations. We offer our customer the flexibility and ease of deployment by fully-owned, PaaS and SaaS options. 


Identity and Access Management

Mobile Based Authentication


Token Based Authentication

Multipurpose Device

Out of Band Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authentication (IDaaS)

Authentication Services

Encryption & Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Securing Data in the Cloud


Advanced Encryption Methodologies

Physical Security

Video Surveillance 

Monitoring of Physical Assets

Access Control

Regulating Physical Access

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