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Enabling secure payments and banking transactions

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New age payment environment

In the new and more complex ecosystem of payments, which includes contactless and mobile payments, the banks are looking at securing their payment transactions across multiple domains (mobile, internet etc). At the same time, there is greater need to secure the traditional bank card payment environment.

Secure solutions for financial transactions

Simage Technologies comes in as a partner to the banks to assist in the EMV migration process. We also provide state-of-the-art products & solutions to secure the contactless payments, online authentication for e-banking and money transfer.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

Our approach towards our customers, which not only includes the financial institutions but also the end users, is to provide a secure environment for them to enable and make payments in their everyday life.

EMV Cards

Products & Solutions for the Banks

Multifunction Payment Terminal


Security Best practices


Secure Contactless Token

Micropayments, OTP & more

Contactless Terminal

Contactless, Biometric, Customizable

EMV Services

mPay NFC

Contactless Payment at it best

Mobile OTP

Secure User Authentication

Mobile Payments

Contactless Avant-Garde