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SimageM2M Platform

Building Automation

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SimageM2M Platform combined with wide range of programmable controllers and modules provide a powerful and flexible solution for creating a smart building. Its vendor-agnostic technology and open-source interfaces based on IT standards are extremely well suited for building automation.

Working as a central component of facility management system, SimageM2M acquires, interprets, routes, processes, and visualizes data from thousands of devices and sources. SimageM2M building automation components help to meet the requirements for different kinds of buildings, including residential buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, stores, etc.

SimageM2M Building Management System (BMS) is designed to control and monitor different equipment and systems: SimageM2M Building Management System (BMS) is designed to control and monitor different equipment and systems:

  • HVAC

  • Lighting

  • Pumps, Boilers, and Motors

  • Building IP Network Infrastructure


Integrated Bulding Control Centre

SimageM2M is designed to join different systems for building an intelligent building control center. The system provides centralized monitoring and management for HVAC, lighting, access control, network infrastructure. The central server SimageM2M all events and provides simultaneous real-time remote access to several operators.

Factories and industrial buildings benefit from integration of Building Management System with Process Control and SCADA.

During the building design phase the focus is on the integration and automation of different functionality. Expedient integration that starts at the design stage lays the foundation for user-friendly building operation and satisfies the requirements of investors and building operators.


  • Common Scalable Architecture. SimageM2M Device Management Platform provides unique abilities for managing hundreds of controllers and thousands of data points.

  • Advanced Connectivity. Almost all present-day electronic devices may be connected to the system using hardware controllers or software device drivers. Many standard building automation protocols, such as OPC, BACnet, and Modbus, are directly supported.

  • Interactive Floor Plans. Dynamic facility/floor maps providing device status information and control functions can be created in the integrated GUI Builder.

  • High Reliability. Installations with multiple operator posts and server clustering allow building highly available systems.

  • Flexible Access Control. A hierarchical multi-user environment with different access permissions for operators, guards, engineers, and administrators.

  • Building/Facility Control Center. Integration with other smart building systems within a single SimageM2M installation: network infrastructure monitoring, access control, time and attendance tracking, etc.

  • Integration. Web-Service and open-source Java and .NET API's are available for easy integration with the other systems.

  • Event Management. Centralized real-time monitoring, management, and logging of events coming from different building subsystems.

  • Alerting. Customizable alerts supporting different types of notifications (sound, popup messages, e-mail, SMS etc.). Support for pending alerts and alert escalation.

  • Corrective Actions. Alert-to-action bindings allow executing corrective actions when an alert is raised. Corrective actions may be controlled by an operator or executed in a non-interactive mode with pre-defined user input.

  • Reporting. Advanced reporting facility, automatic report generation from any viewed/edited data. Built-in report editor, report printing and exporting in different formats.

  • Charting. Charting, support for a wide list of chart types, including dynamically updated charts.

  • Query Language. Integrated SQL-based query language for data mining and batch configuration updates.

  • Trackers. Trackers for monitoring mission-critical data. Every tracker has an unlimited number of user-defined states, indicated by color highlighting.

  • Task Scheduling. Advanced job scheduler for periodic execution of any device-related or system actions.

  • Grouping. Grouping and group operations are available for different system resources and hardware devices.

  • Replication. Advanced replication of configuration between any similar system objects and devices. The configuration may be copied even between devices that use different firmware versions.

  • Asset Management. Custom asset information can be associated with any piece of equipment. Asset events history is stored and available in the SimageM2Md reports.

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