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SimageM2M Platform

Health Monitoring

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The SimageM2M healthcare solution forms the unified core of a strategy of remote management and outpatient care. The system facilitates the monitoring of sensors recording patient parameters and delivers real-time information to monitoring teams.

The SimageM2M medical solution allows for the creation and distribution of reports, charts and graphs to create comprehensive patient records and medical histories that can be accessed remotely for consultation purposes.

The solution allows for the setting of parameters for monitored variables, with alarms to alert response teams if variables fall out of bounds.



M2M wireless communications that integrate with different patient monitoring networks
Ability to link to sensors monitoring patient variables like blood pressure, temperature, pulse and heartbeat, blood sugar levels, etc.
Ability to communicate over GSM networks to send mobile phone alerts
Real-time telemetric medical reports and condition updates


  • Better quality of life

  • Better integrated healthcare

  • Reduction of expensive emergencies

  • Resources freed for critical inpatients

  • Preventative treatment

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