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SimageM2M Platform

Energy Management

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SimageM2M can collect consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water, gas, heat, and electric meters and store this data in the LinkServer database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. SimageM2M Platform plays the role of Meter Data Management (MDM) software, but it also shares collected data with other systems.


Remote data collection saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read a meter. Another advantage is that billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on previous or predicted consumption. Analysis of logged meter readings can help to optimize consumption and production of water, gas, and electricity.



The architecture of SimageM2M platform allows to set up the centralized data logging for different meter types with minimal efforts:

  • Meters that use standard communication protocols (Modbus, OPC, SNMP, etc.) are directly supported

  • Other meters may be connected through hardware protocol converters (Agents) of custom software drivers

  • Meter readings are seamlessly stored in the server database

  • Flexible meter polling rules and customizable reading history storage

  • Integrated alerting, reporting, charting, and data querying for reading data

  • Manual export of readings into multiple formats

  • Open-source APIs for integration with billing/analytics systems and delivering information to customers, suppliers, and service providers


The concept of Advanced AMR presumes managing meters in addition to monitoring them. It enables bi-directional data exchange and collection of additional data. SimageM2M will allow intercommunication with smart meters for:

  • Remote configuration of meters, including batch configuration

  • Real-time meter operations (e.g. remote shutoff)

  • Receiving and processing device-generated alerts, such as leak detection, reverse flow, low battery, or tamper

  • Collect statistics for time/rate of use

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