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Mobile Communications

Provisioning services for Operators and Subscribers

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Dynamic Mobile Landscape​

With about 5 Billion subscriptions worldwide the impact of mobile communications on our daily lives is lasting. It has revolutionized the way we access information, anytime & anywhere. We are seeing the adoption of innovative technologies like NFC, M2M, Mobile TV and an increased focus on subscriber entertainment, social networking and mobile payments.

Innovative solutions for the mobile world​

Simage Technologies is providing cutting-edge solutions in this dynamic market. Our innovative products and services include SIM Platforms, solutions for subscriber entertainment & data management, mobile contactless payments and M2M provisioning.

Focus on adoption of services by subscribers

We provide an end-to-end solution to the Mobile Operator to ensure easy deployment and adoption of services by the subscribers. Managed services from Simage Technologies enables the mobile operator to focus on its core network and at the same time provide adaptive services to its subscribers.

Network and Connectivity

MNO Service Portal

Simplifying Service Provisioning by the Operators

Extending 3G/4G Network Coverage. 

Secure Wireless Backhaul

Device Management

Managing a Plethora of Devices in the Market

Roaming Management

Solution for Subscribers on the Move

Convergence and More


Security & Ease of Contactless Mobile Payments

Mobile Financial Services

Platforms for Mobile Payments

Machine-2-Machine (IoT)

IoT Enablement Solutions

Mobile ID

Identity storage and Federation

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Subscriber Plus

Subscriber Data Management

Subscriber Data Backups and More

Call Management

Setting Subscriber Privileges

Mobile Social Networking

Protecting Identities in Social Networks

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