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Secure Wireless Backhaul

Comprehensive Portfolio of PTMP & PTP

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The global demand for wireless communications is growing exponentially. With operators, the need is greater than ever for reliable and high throughput connections in areas which are inaccessible by fiber-optic cables or where wireless is preferred. The challenges occur due to various reasons including noise in the unlicensed band, the distance of coverage, secure transmission, etc. The industrial applications and services work in rugged conditions and require transmitting mission-critical data reliably and securely. The IoT (Internet-of-Things) is accelerating the demand for wireless connectivity of devices which required high throughput of data, such as voice and video services for mission-critical applications.

Wireless backhaul device manufacturers are constantly introducing more and more sophisticated devices into the market, creating a complicated user experience for their customers and often leaving access to operator services questionable because of the complex configurations required to use such a new device. Customers need to be able to use services easily and should be offered the convenience, where they are able to quickly deploy and provision the services which meet high-quality standards and over the challenges.


Simage offers various devices for wireless backhaul infrastructure which operate in the 2.4GHz - 6 GHz frequency band. The portfolio covers a comprehensive range of devices for PTP (Point-to-Point) link, PTMP (Point-to-MultiPoint) link, professional Base Stations and secure indoor wireless connectivity. The systems can achieve high data throughput and have external connectors which cater to various integration requirements. Simage is also offering software tools for the configuration and provisioning of the devices. The software tools are easy to use with step-by-step instructions and allow the customers to conveniently manage the devices. The wireless backhaul portfolio is suitable for various applications, like metro connectivity, rural connectivity, 3G-4G backhauling, PTMP backhauling, fiber extensions, backup for E-Band links, video surveillance, remote connectivity, etc.



Key Features of Simage Secure Wireless Backhaul

  • Covers a wide frequency band range from 2.4 - 6 GHz

  • Over-The-Air configurations and device management

  • Can be used in conjunction with other VAS provisioning platforms

  • 700+ Mbps data throughput

  • Advanced encryption on data channels

  • Powerful OS and configuration suite.

  • Professional Hardware design (surge protection, etc)


Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Low latency to ensure real-time service delivery

  • Transmission protocols with dynamic capacity allocations

  • High scalability

  • Strong encryption to secure the 

Subscriber Benefits

  • Device capability to support wide frequency band range and rugged durable design.

  • Provides a better user experience, thereby retaining customer loyalty

  • Increases the average revenue per user (ARPU) through customer satisfaction and easy access to services

  • Ability to introduce new services quickly

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