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Network Management

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Network Manager

Being built upon SimageM2M Platform, SimageM2M Network Manager provides unique features as compared to other distributed network management software, such as advanced SNMP data analysis tools, integrated Report Editor, or open-source SDK.

There are hundreds of network management components (alerts, reports, charts, network maps, dashboards, scheduled discovery, etc.) available out-of-the-box. However, all these components are based on SimageM2M's standard data processing and presentation facilities, and therefore may be modified using different visual editors without any coding. New data acquisition, processing and presentation components can also be added with minimal efforts. This makes SimageM2M Network Manager a true platform, a constructor for building your own custom management and monitoring system.


IT Infrastructure Management

  • Monitoring of networks, systems, servers, applications, and services

  • Comprehensive network discovery and dynamic mapping

  • Built-in fault management and network performance/traffic analysis tools

  • The industry’s leading data processing capabilities for non-standard network equipment

  • VoIP, wireless, and virtualized environment monitoring

  • Advanced alerting, charting and reporting

  • Enterprise scalability and role-based access control

  • Integrated GUI Builder and Report Editor

  • Asset management, user-defined asset properties and events

  • SNMP Traps, Syslog, and Windows Event Log consolidation

  • Integration with third party systems via open-source APIs

  • Extendability via driver/plugin SDK

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