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Device Management

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A mobile operator faces many demanding situations when deploying a diverse range of services for their subscribers. These challenges must be successfully managed for an MNO to benefit from a large number of opportunities created via the use of data and multimedia programs.

Mobile manufacturers are constantly introducing more and more sophisticated devices into the market, creating a complicated user experience for their customers and often leaving access to mobile operator services questionable because of the complex configurations required to use such a new device.

Customers need to be able to use MNO services easily and should be offered the convenience, where a device change doesn't affect their data/multimedia services accessibility.


The remote automatic configuration of a new device can help a customer appreciate the full functional features (GPRS, MMS etc) and the MNO benefits from better services usage. Not only does managing devices effectively increase the potential revenue of a MNO, it also acts as a medium of attracting more customers who can gain quick access to MNO services with their mobile devices.


How Device Management Works
Whether it's simple or sophisticated, Device Management allows mobile operators to automatically configure their customer's new handset once detected in MNO systems. With the assistance from the IMEI Tracker applet in the SIM Card, the Device Management platform recognizes a new handset and sends the required settings according to the device model and customer profile over-the-air via SMS. The customer receives and activates the settings. It's fast, convenient and hassle-free.

Key Features of Device Management Platform
Covers a wide range of mobile handsets available in the market
Over-The-Air configurations sent automatically soon after device detection
Can be used in conjunction with other VAS provisioning platforms
Extensive device and subscriber database for continued services


Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Reduces the cost of customer care call services related to device issues

  • Provides a better user experience, thereby retaining customer loyalty

  • Increases the average revenue per user (ARPU) through customer satisfaction and easy access to services

  • Ability to introduce new services quickly

Subscriber Benefits

  • Uninterrupted mobile operator services across multiple devices

  • No need for complicated technical know-how because the device is configured easily

  • Support is available for a wide range of handsets

  • No unnecessary time wastage with customer care for settings each time a new phone is purchased

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