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Subscriber Data Management

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The mobile is forever-present in the evolving world. Whether it's for personal or business communication, over 4 billion mobile phone users worldwide are benefiting from the constant networked connections available to them via mobile operator services. The mobile handset and SIM have become important devices to manage your contacts and organize daily activities.

While the mobile phone is omnipresent, it is still susceptible to damage and loss. According to studies, it takes about 6 months on an average, for the subscriber to completely rebuild the contacts and have the same usage level as before the loss. This results in substantial loss of revenue that the mobile operator could have earned. Effective subscriber data management is therefore essential for a mobile operator's continued revenue generation.

Personal Data Protection And Management

The Subscriber Data Management solution offers protection to all data stored in a subscriber's mobile device and SIM contacts through backup facilities. It allows storage of contacts from the SIM and handset at the mobile operator's trusted Data Backup Server. It also enables the backup of the mobile handset data (eg. tasks, events, music and video files etc)


The solution uses SyncML, the mobile data synchronization (DS) standard used by mobile device manufacturers worldwide, to synchronize the mobile device data with the backend server. Once the subscriber registers, the mobile device is detected and SyncML setting are sent to configure the device.

On the other side, there is a Java™ applet on the subscriber (U)SIM cards, which detects any changes in the (U)SIM phonebook and allows to synchronize with the backend server. The state-of-art web portal allows the subscribers to synchronize and manage their contacts and personal data. 

Comprehensive Service Offering
The Subscriber Data Management solution covers several key areas of data sharing, protection and management to ease customer concerns and provide optimized performance and service reliability from the mobile operator.

Support for a varying range of mobile devices based on SyncML standards
Easy and convenient phonebook (SIM and Handset) synchronization
Coverage for the complete range of mobile content, including text, multimedia, contacts, tasks, notes etc
Auto-configuration of the mobile device based on OTA-related SMS messages
Self-care interface for easy access, receiving operator services and including updates or value-added services


Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Continued revenue protection by ensuring mobile handset data & SIM card contacts are still available after handset loss

  • Substantial additional revenue through introducing new services based on customer requirements

  • Customer loyalty because data management addresses a rising demand in the market

  • Effective, total backup services lifecycle management according to customer preferences (renewals, activations etc)

  • Merged SIM and handset data management solution offers personalized service deployment based on customer needs

Subscriber Benefits

  • Easy to use data synchronization

  • Device-independent data accessibility

  • Assurance of personal data safety, regardless of handset loss or damage

  • Convenient access to all personal data and centralized data management

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