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Mobile Social Networking

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Social networks are the new world's chosen mediums of communication and keeping up with friends. It's no surprise that social networking websites such as facebook, twitter, orkut, bebo and friendster and more have close to 2.77 billion registered users worldwide. What's more, a large number of these account holders are currently using their mobile phones to access their selected social networks, wherever they go.

Most social networking opportunities available to consumers have restricted interoperability, because of the different technologies used in each website, the hosting platform limitations and various other technical constraints. But it's an open market waiting to be capitalized and as a mobile network operator, why not use this market potential to expand services and increase revenue?


Statistical analysis of this emerging market shows the number of social networking site users are on the rise and over 70% of them are daily users. Since the networking activities are done primarily through multimedia content, mobile operators are able to gain a larger customer base by introducing social network enabling services. The customers will use mobile services to update and share data in the social websites, thereby increasing data traffic and generating revenue for the mobile operator.


The Personalized Social Networking Experience
A mobile phonebook holds static data of a customer's contacts and doesn't range beyond five hundred contacts at most times, but a customer's social network is dynamic and hugely variable, often extending to over hundreds of friends and colleagues and different websites as well. By providing the customer with a single space to access all their social life requirements, in addition to the daily mobile services, a mobile operator not only gets monetary gains but also customer loyalty.


The users can have a unified management of all their contacts information on a single space and can easily share their social network data. The users can also receive messages and alerts of the activities of their social contacts or if there are any changes in their status. Through the Social Networking solution, mobile operators can grow their reputation as value-added service providers and generate heavy revenues simultaneously. Mobile operators have the unique chance to tap into the social networking market through mobile application services for the customer on-the-go who want to be always in touch with their social contacts.


Solution Key Features

  • A single, dynamic address book for all networks, merging mobile and social network contacts

  • A central platform combining social activity, text or multimedia messaging

  • Interlinked calendar, combining all of the customer's social network activities

  • In-built promotional services to attract and retain customers for mobile social networking

  • Access to social media websites for photo and video sharing

  • Identity access to ensure security


Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Collecting all communications and contacts in a central platform increases data and messaging activities of the customers, as a result increasing data traffic and communications revenue

  • Continuous revenue stream by introducing various customer service packages in the market

  • The profitable and expandable market, with new social media services integrated as per customer demand in the future

  • Customer loyalty and reputation for the operator as an end-to-end value-added services provider

Subscriber Benefits

  • A dynamic and centralized social activity hub to stay connected with all contacts, anytime, anywhere

  • Easy access to all social networking services

  • Centralized data storage for all communications, reducing the risk of information loss even if the SIM or handset is damaged or lost

  • Auto-configuration of handsets through OTA messaging upon subscription to the service (no need for complex technical know-how)

  • Single platform for all social website activities and easy social media sharing

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