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The Simage MNO Portal is for both mobile operators and end users. It's an end-to-end solution offering everything from mobile services delivery and updates to usage statistics and promotions. Not only does the MNO Portal provide an all-inclusive medium for operators and users alike, it also allows for complete efficiency by working through all available channels, including SMS, W@P, MMS, USSD etc. The MNO Portal is all about managing the full life cycle of mobile services offered by a network.


Maximizing Operator Return-On-Investment
The MNO Portal has a single main objective – providing variety through hassle-free service management in one platform. The services are constantly available, accessible within seconds and always updated.

The portal platform is located either at the operator's own specified location or Simage's managed services premises. The specially configured managed server ensures uninterrupted services for customers, increasing customer loyalty and generating better revenue through valueadded convenience.

MNO Portal services are ideal for accurately targeted and cost effective mass media campaigns and real-time information exchange such as news and updates, chat services, downloads and much more.


The Simage MNO Portal focuses on simplicity for all users. By offering mobile operators with the opportunity to issue sim cards that are integrated with the MNO Portal platform, Simage brings management convenience for user statistics, in turn providing the operator with the chance to create customized user experiences for their clients. The Simage MNO Portal effectively communicates and transfers data regardless of the type of service and user handset.

Simage MNO Portal - Beyond Limitations
Mobile operators are looking for ways to optimize their return-on-investment. With the Simage MNO Portal, operators can go beyond the limits of ordinary mobile communication and services. Sim card is a single point of accessing services and allows mobile operators to:

  • Offer device-independent accessibility to all of their services

  • Manage all services from one central location

  • Focus on services improvement through user statistics and preferences

Flexibility For Operators
The Simage MNO Portal is available in three individual deployments to suit the different operator models and strategies.

Hosted MNO Portal – the entire platform is located at Simage and all services and data are managed through this complete hosted solution

Resident MNO Portal – the services management platform is deployed and implemented at the operator's premises and the platform is fully managed by the operator

Managed MNO Portal – the platform is deployed and implemented at the operator's premises, but the services management is provided by Simage


Mobile Operator Benefits
Centralized services management

All subscribers can benefit from the MNO Portal

Increased data traffic revenue

Comprehensive services uptake trends analysis

Enhanced reputation and image as a value-added service provider

Subscriber Benefits
Information, news, new services and much more delivered dynamically

A diverse range of services to use, maximizing convenience

No hi-tech configurations to learn or complex codes to remember

Accessible from wherever, whenever, through any handset

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