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Roaming Management

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A large share of an MNOs (Mobile Network Operator) revenue is contributed by roaming services. In the absence of right roaming agreements and effective solutions, the subscribers could end up paying very high roaming charges which leads them to get local subscriptions while traveling. With the right network partners and calculated strategies in place, MNOs are able to optimize their services while keeping loyalty from roaming customers and thereby increasing revenue.

Roaming management solutions for MNOs offer a streamlined process for global connectivity, easy accessibility, user-friendly settings and effective traffic steering. A range of roaming solutions is available via SIM Card applications for MNO implementations.


The solution can be implemented in a number of ways as below


  • Preferred Partners - A mobile operator maintains a list of preferred international roaming partners in the sim card. This ensures that the subscriber registers with the preferred partner network while roaming. The partner list can be updated on a regular basis by the 'Home' MNO via OTA* campaigns. The subscriber benefits from good roaming rates.

  • Multi-IMSI - There can be multiple IMSIs on a single (U)SIM card for the 'Home' MNO and its roaming partners. This ensures that the subscriber while roaming, is always registered as a local subscription. The roaming subscriber saves on high roaming call charges and stays with the subscription of the 'Home' MNO. This also encourages higher usage from the subscriber.

  • Call Back Service - In this method, the subscriber initiates a call back session from a sim card application. The 'Home' MNO then dials the phone number and sets up a bridge for the calling subscriber. The 'Home' MNO should support USSD callback for this service. This way the calling subscriber saves on high rates for making international calls while roaming.

Managed Roaming Services From Simage
With OTA service to regularly update sim roaming applications hosted and operated by in-house technical experts, the Managed Roaming Services from Simage are cost-effective and easily implemented, without extra investments on infrastructure and resources by the MNO. The operating costs are never passed on to the customers and this will increase customer loyalty for the MNO and operators will be able to retain their existing clients while attracting more new customers by offering a range of total roaming solutions.

Key Features Of Simage Roaming Solutions

  • Multiple implementation methods provide MNOs with a range of options

  • Efficient and real-time traffic steering

  • SIM applet based on Java™ and Interoperable

  • SIM based solutions. No dependency on handsets

  • Flexible services update via OTA

  • Improves customer loyalty


Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Cost-effective implementation

  • Maximum control over traffic redirectionInteroperable platforms for all solutions

  • Works with any handsetReal-time traffic management

  • Efficiency in customer support for roaming customers

  • Opens up avenues for innovative subscriber roaming packages

Subscriber Benefits

  • No services interruption and convenient services accessibility through partner networks

  • No special technical configurations required

  • Continuation of services while roaming (eg. Use of existing sim and handset phonebook)

  • Better roaming call tariffs

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