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Call Management

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Mobile operators are able to generate revenue each and every time a subscriber makes a call. With the opportunity to increase revenue by retaining existing customers and gaining new ones, MNOs can easily introduce new features and services to achieve their goals. Call management is such a feature, implemented as an in-built application with online tools to support the program.

From parents who wish to give their child a mobile phone for emergencies to corporate business owners who prefer to implement a fair-usage policy for company mobiles among employees, call management services are suitable for a variety of users.

As a value-added service, call management can control who the user is allowed to call thereby reducing misuse. A MNO can benefit in direct proportion to the service value they offer customers.


While mobile operators provide a wide range of data and multimedia solutions, not all of their subscribers require 100% of these services. The Call Management Suite helps those who would like to control and monitor the usage of a mobile phone remotely by offering them the opportunity to limit access and reduce overall costs. The call management application is integrated into the SIM card and customers can purchase it either as a pre-packaged solution or order separately for specific requirements, directly from the MNO.

The MNO is able to enhance its reputation as a value-added services provider. By answering the rising demand from customers, the MNO gains recognition, retains existing customers and attracts new subscribers, increasing revenue in the long-term.


Call Management Suite For Parents
Parents are often worried about their child’s safety and handing a child a mobile phone can be risky, although helpful at the time of an emergency. By implementing call control and monitoring the usage, parents can ensure a child only uses the mobile phone for the right purposes at the right time. With the Call Management Suite, parents can limit the numbers a child can contact. The call management suite is controlled by both internet-based tools and inbuilt phone settings protected by authentication information.


Call Management Suite For Corporations
Corporate consumers are often concerned about the monthly usage costs of company-issued mobile phones carried around by employees. By introducing call management, a company can effectively monitor daily usage of each mobile while ensuring firm control is maintained over the accessible numbers. The Call Management Suite can help a company, whether large or small, introduce a fair-usage policy for mobiles without hindering employee relations.


Key Features of Call Management

  • Control the accessible phone numbers

  • Manage mobile phone usage hours

  • Allow access to pre-determined features and services

  • Employ advanced encryption and security standards

  • Enable and disable the connection is preferred

  • SIM-integrated application

  • In-phone and online-based tools for parental/corporate controls


Mobile Operator Benefits

  • Retain existing customers by answering a rising demand

  • Attract new subscribers based on value-added services

  • Enhance reputation and recognition as a complete solutions provider

  • Increase long-term revenue by becoming a well-known MNO with a large customer base

Subscriber Benefits

  • Ability to control and monitor usage as per their preference

  • Reduce mobile phone usage costs by preventing misuse

  • Enable and disable services as required

  • Convenient and simple to use

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