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Payment Terminal

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The PCI and EMV adapted Simage Payment Terminal is one of the smallest all-in-one wireless handheld portable, battery-powered payment device. It uses the latest wireless technologies—WiFi, CDMA, and GPRS With exceptional performance and high-end functionality, the payment terminal opens profitable new market opportunities using GPRS, CDMA or WiFi communications. It’s perfect for accepting payment in places such as restaurants, bars, stadiums, and delivery operations. 


  • PCI PED online and offline adapted, EMV Level 1 and 2 adapted

  • High print speed, 25lines/Sec

  • 32-bit, MIPS high-security performance processor

  • 8MB memory; Built-in external SD card reader

  • GSM, GPRS /CDMA /WiFi wireless communication

  • Powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signaling to secure reliable transaction

  • Out-of-paper detection

  • Ergonomic designed keyPad with extra dust and waterproof

  • Large capacity battery, Over 60 hours of standby time

  • Optional Leather Casing, Car Jack Charger, ideal for outdoor payment environment; POS holder

  • Supports multi-application

  • Remote download for applications and parameters.


  • Delivery services

  • Outdoor markets

  • Pay-at-the-table restaurants

  • Kiosks

  • Stadiums

  • Car rental return

  • TaxisDrive-in restaurants

  • Golf courses

  • Pharmacies

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