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EMV Consulting

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It's a modern and fast-paced world and everyone looks for efficiency, convenience and security whenever they make payments, whether it's at a point-of-sale in a retail store or online payment on a website. Financial institutions are joining forces with various service providers and goods merchants to ensure customers are satisfied with their payment systems and offer a large range of EMV solutions for their convenience.

EMV solutions have revolutionized the payment industry by providing a secure environment for payment transactions and at the same time opening up avenues of new service offerings. With Smart Card technology being used increasingly more as per the EMV mandate, it's no surprise that the right EMV solutions can take a financial institution to heights never achieved before.

EMV solutions can be unified with mobile payments, national ID cards, contactless payment tokens and many other portable devices. While EMV payments are convenient for the customers, from a financial institution's viewpoint, it's the standardized payment environment that makes it all possible without high risk and fraud.


EMV migration is an important step for a financial institution hence the presence of right technology partner helps in streamlining the implementation process as well as ensures the launch of best services that can benefit the institution. For the financial institutions that already are on EMV, it is beneficial for them to shift from just buying smart cards from vendors to building a long-lasting business relationship with an integrated EMV solutions provider.


Reasons To Migrate To Smart Card Solutions

  • Higher security and fraud prevention

  • Streamlined, uninterrupted services through the internationally standardized payment environment

  • Provides reassurance to customers about all of their payment transactions

  • Customer retention through better services

  • Scalable structure for expansion with new developments in smart card technology


Simage As Your EMV Solutions Partner
At Simage Technologies, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you take the maximum advantage of smart card solutions implementation. Your concerns are our priority and that's why we'll discuss all the aspects of your requirements and focus our attention on what you need to implement.


Our EMV consulting services can help you determine what exactly you could achieve with the right EMV deployment. Since smart card technology can be utilized in a variety of modes, we will analyze, create strategies and assist you with deploying services according to your existing infrastructure and systems, with scalable solutions to accommodate expansion and new developments.


Simage consulting services include EMV understanding and solutions offering for:

  • Smart cards

  • Card management systems

  • ATM & POS networks

  • Issuing, authorizing and clearing systems

Our consulting services focus on helping you understand the revenue opportunities, explore the market potential and interpret the bigger picture of smart card technology's impact on the banking industry. Whether it's a turnkey solution or one-time assistance, we are prepared to offer you cost-effective, low risk, time-scale optimized solutions.

Simage, along with its partners, also offers training modules, workshops and software tools to your in-house teams to understand, implement and maintain EMV solutions.


The consulting covers:

Market research, requirements analysis and specification

Training for standards, deployment and maintenance

Resource allocation, project management and troubleshooting assistance

EMV implementation for ATM & POS systems


Financial Instituiton Benefits

  • Better researched and planned solutions to suit the overall infrastructure

  • Well-trained and knowledgeable teams to handle all aspects of the implemented solution

  • Cost-effective system management through remote services

  • Reduced payment fraud and associated financial losses

  • Customer retention through reduced risk and better services

  • Ability to offer a diverse range of value-added services such as advanced e-commerce solutions and smart ticketing

  • Ability to offer better-personalized services for customers

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