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SimageM2M Platform

System Unification

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System Unification

Modern buildings and factories already feature many automation systems. These are usually single-purpose, such as HVAC controllers or Time and Attendance equipment.Instead of trying to supplant these systems and re-invent what you've already paid for and install, SimageM2M lets you take your existing investment and get more value out of it. It does this by letting you tie these systems together intelligently.

Let's look at some possible examples:


In Office Buildings
Office buildings often have:

  • Time and Attendance systems

  • Access Control systems

  • IP-based computer networks

So Joe Employee signs out of his computer but forgets to punch his time card on that day. SimageM2M knows when Joe Employee signed out of the domain, and also notices that he never punched out. It can now issue an alert or automatically correct the time records to indicate that Joe left 15 minutes after logging out of his system.

Conversely, Joe Employee comes in all groggy-eyed in the morning and swipes his card through the access controller to open the door, but forgets to punch in. Once again, SimageM2M catches this (since it gets data from all systems), and can easily correct this. This means less manual corrections, less frustration, more accuracy.


In Residential Buildings
Smart residential buildings have:

  • Lighting controllers

  • HVAC

  • Energy management systems

SimageM2M can turn off the lights in the morning, and turn up the HVAC when the day becomes hot. Later on, the energy management system alerts SimageM2M that consumption is approaching the daily quotas. It then offsets some of this cost by activating the building's outside lighting a bit later that evening. Sounds pretty Sci-Fi, but SimageM2M is actually designed for this.


In Factories
Factories have lots of different systems, so we won't even try to list them all. Instead, let's just consider how we can intelligently combine a SCADA system with a fleet management system: How would you like it if your production line controllers could ping your vehicles to let them know products are ready for loading?

These are just some initial ideas to get your imagination going. If this made you think, write us and tell us what you have in mind -- we might just be able to make it happen!


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