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SimageM2M Platform

Access Control

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SimageM2M Access Control is designed to keep your facility, staff, and assets secure by intuitively managing physical access to doors, turnstiles, elevators, vehicles, and other access points. The zone under control may include an unlimited number of areas, gates, and cardholders. SimageM2M easily integrates with diverse security devices:

  • Access Control Panels

  • Readers (proximity, magstripe, keypad, and biometric)

  • Door Locks and Relays

  • Alarms and Buzzers

  • Surveillance Cameras


Intelligent Building Integration
SimageM2M Access Control is based on SimageM2M Device Management Platform. The unified platform provides a natural integration with SimageM2M Time and Attendance, SimageM2M Network Manager, and SimageM2M Building Automation in order to create a smart building control center. This integration can be planned from the scratch or implemented at any time as your organization grow.


Multi-site Access Control
SimageM2M has distributed architecture that provides centralized access control for large organizations with multiple branches located in different parts of the world. Both security devices and operator seats may be located far from the central server. All communications are securely performed via IP networks.



  • Enterprise Scalability. The system is based on SimageM2M Device Management Platform that provides centralized control for hundreds of access points, thousands of cardholders, and millions of security events.

  • Organization Structure Management. Support for a comprehensive cardholder hierarchy including multiple organizations, subdivisions and departments.

  • Flexible Timezones. Set up complex access schedules such as "Monday through Wednesday 10AM-2PM", "second monday of september", etc. Pre-defined (but still configurable) timezones include Always, Never, Working Hours, and Holidays.

  • Rule-bases Access Policies. Every policy may include several rules controlling access for a door, group of doors, or Individual readers (for turnstiles, elevators, etc.) within certain timezone. Multiple access policies may be assigned to Individual cardholders, departments, divisions, and organizations.

  • Multi-entrance Areas. An area may be configured for anti-passback, presence control, pass counting, occupancy and exposure time tracking, and guard tours.

  • Custom Expiries. Every access policy assigned to a cardholder or department/organization may have several expiration timestamps.

  • Facility Maps. Create dynamic floor plans and facility maps in the integrated GUI Builder. View the status of your devices and control them through the dynamic maps.

  • Advanced Connectivity. Support for a wide range of readers, locks, access control panels, and other security hardware through the hardware controllers or software device drivers.

  • High Reliability. Installations with multiple operator posts along and server clustering support allow to build a highly available system.

  • Building/Facility Control Center. Integration with other smart building systems within a single AggreGate installation: time and attendance, network monitoring, HVAC/lighting/energy management, etc.

  • Event Monitoring. Real-time monitoring of security and system events. Guards may be prompted to acknowledge certain critical events.

  • Event Management. All historical events may be browsed using the advanced Event Log. Different rules for event sorting, filtering, and color-coding are supported.

  • Alerting. Customizable alerts supporting different types of notifications (sound, popup messages, e-mail, SMS etc.).

  • Alert Escalation. Support for pending alerts and alert escalation.

  • Corrective Actions. Alert-to-action bindings allow executing corrective actions when an alert is raised. Corrective actions may be controlled by an operator or executed in a non-interactive mode with pre-defined user input.

  • Reporting. Advanced reporting facility, out-of-the-box security audit reports. Scheduled report emailing.

  • Report Editor. Built-in report editor, report printing and exporting in different formats.

  • Task Scheduling. Advanced job scheduler for periodic execution of any device-related or system actions.

  • Grouping. Grouping and group operations are available for different system objects (user accounts, alerts, event filters, access policies, etc.) and hardware devices.

  • Replication. Advanced replication of configuration between any similar system objects and devices. The configuration may be copied even between devices that use different firmware versions.

  • Custom Data Storage. Common data tables store any custom data in a user defined format. This makes possible to associate any asset tracking information with your devices or set up master-copies of device settings that are used to configure multiple devices.

  • Time Conversion. Multiple time zones support. Automatic time conversion in the case when server, users and devices are located in different time zones.

  • Export and Import. Support for export and import of cardholders and other data to numerous formats, including XML, HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF, RTF etc.

  • Internal Access Control. A hierarchical multi-user environment with different customizable permissions for operators, managers, engineers, and administrators.

  • Secure Communications. Server-Device and Server-Client communications are performed using secure channels.

  • Query Language. Integrated SQL-based query language for data mining and batch configuration updates.

  • Integration. Web-Service and Java and .NET API's are available for easy integration with video surveillance, badging, and building automation systems.

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