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SimageM2M Platform


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Key Features


Rich Connectivity
Out-of-the-box support for standard communication protocols (SNMP, OPC, Modbus, JMX, and more). Connect any device using a custom driver or hardware programmable protocol converter (Agent). SimageM2M can also discover devices automatically.

Patent-pending Technology
SimageM2M Platform introduces many innovations in M2M technology.It provides a unique data model that comprises normalized representations of diverse hardware and exposes model data for the internal data processing tools and external systems.

Integrated Security
From the ground up, SimageM2M was designed for multiple users. Granular permissions and role-based access control are inseparably woven into all aspects of the system.

Multiple User Interfaces
Working mainly from one or two computers? Use the advanced desktop client software. Need access from a thin terminal, or don't want to install anything? Web access is here for you. Finally, if you're not even near a workstation, use the mobile client!

Domain-specific Languages
SimageM2M features integrated expression and query languages that were designed for the "natural" understanding of normalized data coming from hardware devices and circulating inside the system. They greatly simplify complex data processing required in modern M2M systems.

Data Management Tools
Devices in a distributed system can sometimes generate millions of events per hour; SimageM2M lets you swim in this sea of information, rather than drown. Use alerts, event filters, reports, trackers and other tools to figure out what's important for you, and let the rest fade into the background.

Custom Widgets
Sure, you can get everything done using the stock UI; but if you want to create a custom data entry form, physical device map, or even a complete Human-Machine Interface, our widgets are right for that, allowing to combine different interface components into complex layouts.

Visual Editors
SimageM2M desktop client is bundled with two integrated visual editors: graphical UI Builder and Report Editor. These editors are for building forms, charts, reports, tables, custom interfaces, and maps using the mouse. No programming is required, even for binding UI components with the data model.

Open-source APIs
Already have an enterprise-wide application, and want to add SimageM2M to the mix? Use our open-source Java and .NET APIs to transparently integrate SimageM2M into any system you may have. Your users won't ever see our interface, and yet enjoy a wealth of new device intelligence.

Cross-platform Database-agnostic Architecture
All system components work under any Java-enabled OS including Windows,Linuxand Mac OS. Supported databases: embedded, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or any other JDBC-compliant RDMBS.

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