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SimageM2M Platform

Remote Monitoring

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SimageM2M platform is ideal for remote management and telemetry of custom machinery. OEMs and VARs may easily tailor the system to suit end-user requirements in any vertical market. Another option is building your own monitoring application upon SimageM2M framework using open-source APIs. Simage Technologies provides flexible OEM licensing policy for Hardware Vendors, System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers and Service Operators.



SimageM2M allows completing most centralized monitoring projects within one month. It helps to solve common issues, such as downtime, slow response to remote machine problems, multiple calls to fix the same problem, supply chain inefficiencies, poor logistics, abuse of use, security issues, etc.

SimageM2M Platform provides multiple features facilitating the remote monitoring:

  • Device drivers for standard data collection and monitoring protocols

  • Accessing custom devices using hardware converters or software drivers

  • Secure communications over local network or Internet (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS, Zigbee, etc.)

  • Patented technology for representation of device and server data

  • Data logging into the database of any type

  • Advanced alarm processing and multiple notification methods

  • Automatic and interactive corrective actions

  • Customizable reports and integrated report editor

  • Dashboards with custom widgets and charts

  • The multi-level role-based security model

  • Device management and centralized configuration may be also enabled

  • Open-source APIs for sharing telemetry data with enterprise applications

  • Branding and customization facilities


Business Benefits

  • Real-time equipment status monitoring

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Reduced downtime

  • Fast response to problems

  • Reduced number of field visits

  • Supply chain and logistics optimization

  • Asset audit trails

  • Many other benefits



  • Environment monitoring

  • Datacenter and IT asset monitoring

  • Medical equipment monitoring

  • Wireless device monitoring

  • Automatic meter reading

  • Manufacturing process monitoring

  • Vehicle monitoring

  • Server and application health monitoring

  • Self-service kiosk monitoring

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