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SimageM2M Platform

Time & Attendance

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SimageM2M Time and Attendance is designed to perform in employee attendance tracking industry. Almost all types of modern time recorders and punch clocks using different communication protocols may be connected to the system:

  • RFID

  • Keypad

  • Magnetic card

  • PC clock

  • Fingerprint

  • PDA clock

  • Biometric

  • Web clock

  • Any other

SimageM2M Time and Attendance is based on the core of SimageM2M device management platform that provides tight integration with other building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC/lighting management, or network management.

Scalable Attendance Monitoring. The system may be easily adapted to the attendance control standards of different countries. Advanced multi-level organization structure and employee management along with different types of shifts allow providing a centralized attendance control for large organizations with multiple branches and departments. The scalable system architecture is designed to perform well for installations with thousands of employees and hundreds of entrance gates.

SimageM2M Time and Attendance includes a set of built-in attendance reports based on highly customizable rules for calculating lunch/break time, overtime, punctuality, and other stats. Employee data may be imported from third-party systems during system deployment.



  • Common Scalable Architecture. Time and Attendance edition is based on the core of SimageM2M Device Management Framework that provides unique abilities for monitoring attendance events, reporting and custom data processing.

  • Building/Facility Control Center. Integration with other smart building systems within a single SimageM2M installation: network monitoring, HVAC/lighting/energy management, security and access control, etc.

  • Hardware Independence. Both modern (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.) and classic (RS232, RS485, etc.) time tracking/recording devices of any type (RFID, Biometric, magnetic card, keypad, or PC/PDA/web based) may be connected to the system.

  • Organization Structure Management. Support for a comprehensive employee hierarchy including multiple organizations, subdivisions and departments.

  • Weekly and Periodic Shifts. An unlimited number of custom shifts may be created and assigned to individual employees, departments, subdivisions or organizations.

  • Different Punch Types. Calculation and tracking of break time, lunch time, overtime, and different exceptions.

  • Attendance Reports. SimageM2M Time and Attendance includes a rich set of configurable reports, including attendance, punctuality, timecard/timesheet, presence information panel, and more.

  • Custom Reporting. Advanced reporting facility, built-in report editor, report printing and exporting in different formats. Automatic report generation from any viewed/edited data, such as custom query results.

  • Query Language. Integrated SQL-based query language for fetching, sorting and filtering attendance and other events according to custom rules.

  • Scheduled Tasks. Advanced job scheduler for periodic execution of any actions, such as report emailing.

  • Event Filtering. Employee punches, time recorder communication problems and other activities are stored in the database and may be browsed using the Event Log component in real-time and historical modes. Different rules for event sorting, filtering and highlighting are supported.

  • Alerting. Alerts may be trigged by any system event or state change. Every alert may have unlimited highly customizable expression-based triggers. Alert notifications include immediate operation notification using popup window and sound, e-mail and SMS notifications and other methods. Pending alerts and alert escalation are also supported. Alert-to-action bindings allow automatic execution of corrective actions in interactive or non-interactive modes when alert is raised.

  • Export/Import. Cardholders and attendance data may be imported from and exported numerous formats, including XML, HTML, CSV, XLS, PDF, RTF etc.

  • Integration. Web-Service and Java and .NET API's are available for easy integration with billing, payroll, badging, HR and other software.

  • Easy backups and installation. Embedded database support hot backups and does not need any additional configuration or maintenance after system deployment. However, SimageM2M Time and Attendance may be easily switched to MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL or other database types.

  • Different User Interfaces. Desktop client application and web interface are available. Number of simultaneous operator connections is not limited.

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