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(U)SIM cards

7 Sept 2021

Simage supplies (U)SIM cards to one of the biggest mobile operator groups in Europe, Middle-East and Africa region...

Simage Technologies solidifies it stature as a suppliers of high quality (U)SIM cards to mobile operators globally. The company achieved technical approval, after an intensive test and acceptance process, which involved the verification of various services in the 3G, 4G and 5G modes. 

Verification of the unique identity of the subscriber is a critical aspect for the mobile operators as the security algorithms have become more advanced and complex for mobile communications with rapid adoption of 4G and 5G infrastructure. It is also equally important to provision services seamlessly as the subscribers change their handsets but carry the same (U)SIM across all devices. 

With its advanced supply-chain management process and methodology, Simage acts as a partner and an extension of existing operational teams of the operators. This allows Simage to better preempt and manage the deliveries to the operators. Due to urgent requirements in certain operations of the operator group and to test our capability, Simage was given very tight timeframes for the first deliveries, which it fulfilled successfully.  

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