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Device Detection Service

Daniel Williams

11 Apr 2017

Simage enables device detection service for operator...

Simage Technologies has enabled mobile device detection and configuration for a leading mobile operator in Eastern Europe. The device management offering of Simage was ideally suited to the requirements of the operator. 


Mobile operators are constantly looking for reliable data about mobile devices that would allow them to effectively configure, provision and control the user experience on these devices. Simage, in collaboration with its technology partners, provides the most comprehensive database that empowers the mobile operators with the most up-to-date information on the available mobile devices in the market. 


The devices in the database are manually tested and certified for Over-The-Air configuration of Bookmark, Internet and email. Operators can send control settings and campaigns to the subscribers’ mobile device via OTA using channels like SMS or HTTPs, once the subscriber device is identified. For devices that do not support OTA, guides are provided as part of the customer-care or self-care interfaces that give step-by-step instructions on how to configure them with operator settings. The guides can also be sent as SMS as part of an Automatic Device Configuration System. 


The Device Management platform shows device analytics, which provides valuable information to the operators on manufacturer market-share, data capable devices, OS platforms, NFC capable devices, etc.  

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