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Nationwide Wireless Backhaul

Sarah Jones

1 Feb 2018

Simage facilitates nationwide wireless backhaul infrastructure...

Simage Technologies is enabling a nationwide wireless backhaul infrastructure in a prominent Middle-East country. This substantial project underscores the capabilities and expertise of Simage to propose the most optimum solution to our clients through an engaged consultative approach. 

The project requirements from the customer were complex, wherein the proposed solution should not only meet the quality standards and functional prerequisites but should also be cost-effective compared to competing technologies. Identification of the key requirements of the customer equipped Simage to develop the project scope which met and exceed the client’s expectations. 

The proposed solution from Simage demonstrated several advantages compared to other players. The solution achieved high throughput on Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint links, provided low latency to ensure real-time service delivery, transmission protocols with dynamic capacity allocations, high scalability, strong encryption to secure the communication channels, device capability to support wide frequency band range and rugged durable design.

Simage also presented a superior network design based on tedious groundwork and comprehensive spectrum analysis. This optimized design ensures better system performance and also allows us to reduce the deployment timeframe significantly. 

Simage is honored to gain the trust of our client and looking forward to our continued cooperation with the client team as we roll-out the various phases of the project. This project cements Simage’s status as a key player in large scale network infrastructure deployments. ​

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