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Wireless Backhaul Product Line

Sean Michaels

30 Sept 2017

Simage introduces wireless backhaul product line...

With the aim of providing an end-to-end comprehensive offering to our customers, Simage Technologies has is now supporting the wireless backhaul infrastructure products in the 2.4 – 6 GHz frequency band range.

The frequency band range is used by a lot of service providers. Cities use this to provide public safety services, the network operators and ISPs use it to extend 3G-4G and fiber-optic and expand wireless coverage. These sectors typically have high throughput and secure data transmission requirements. IoT (Internet-of-Things) is further increasing the scope and the demand for these products.

Based on extensive market research, Simage has identified key market segments for the technology, viz. WISPs and Operators, Enterprise, Industrial and Security. Several applications can be securely addressed in these segments, based on data, voice and video. Metro and rural connectivity, video surveillance, 3G-4G backhauling, small cell backhauling, IoT, critical communications, are some of the applications that can be provisioned.

The product line incorporates Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint Mesh devices in order to provide flexibility to our customers and to ensure the most optimized network configuration meeting the customer needs. Advanced encryption standards are used to secure the communication on the channels.

Positive feedback from potential customers based on early discussions validates that the features offered by the products meet the key desired requirements. The offering broadens the value-chain from Simage and allows us to be a turnkey partner.

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