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Simple and convenient ticketing is always welcomed by travelers. With the continued growing number of passengers for train, bus, ferry and subway services, it is vital that the processing time per transaction is less and at the same time, transport systems should provide the required security. Creating convenience and ease in transportation is now easy with secure e-ticketing solutions for the service providers.

Many transport systems worldwide are migrating from magnetic cards to e-ticketing based on secure contactless technology, where every passenger is uniquely identified based on personal data verification. Contactless devices (cards and tokens) offer quick, efficient and hassle-free commuting to passengers, while providing benefit to the service providers by streamlining the ticketing process for daily commuters.

The most common areas of secure contactless card applications in transport are ticketing solutions for public transportation services and payments for car park facilities. Contactless automatic fare collection solutions can be implemented on various levels, based on exact requirements.

Offered Products & Services

A transport system has a complex infrastructure with a number of parties involved in deploying an efficient end-to-end solution. From personal travel cards issuance to implementing large personalization and payment platforms, Simage Technologies together with its partners offers a comprehensive range of products and services that assist in deploying an efficient e-ticketing system. Additionally, Simage works closely with the chosen solution partners and system integrators of the service provider, to support them in the deployment of the contactless travel cards and tokens

Simage has a well-rounded portfolio of services for the transport sector. Our expertise in the mobile communications arena positions us to provide NFC mobile services to the service providers. Whereas, our competence in the financial services segment allows us to offer contactless bank cards with transport applications.

Among the many reasons to implement an e-ticketing system in transportation services, security and fraud prevention take priority. Secure contactless technology in e-ticketing systems now provides commuters with the convenience and speed they need to travel from point to point without waiting in long queues for the tickets. This also provides convenience in parking areas. With the encryption standards used in contactless cards and token, the service provider can rest assured that the user transactions are performed securely. Additionally, by adding biometric data verification such as facial recognition, retina and fingerprint scan, they can provide an even higher degree of security for sensitive applications. Simage contactless tokens come with fingerprint  'match-on- device'  application that verifies the user instantaneously without the need for connection to backend systems.


Offered Products and Services

  • Contactless cards (Options available for Hybrid cards)

  • Special card body (UV Inks, holographic images etc)

  • Contactless Tokens

  • Contactless Card Readers

  • Contactless device fulfillment services

  • Payment transaction platform

  • Project management, consulting, device personalization and deployment services


Benefits of E-Ticketing Solutions
Reduces the hassle for passengers, thereby contributing to image enhancement of the service provider

Minimizes fraud and unauthorized access

Assured security in all transport transactions

Flexible and scalable solutions for use with multiple systems


End User Benefits

  • Fast, efficient and hassle-free use of mass transport services

  • Personalized cards and tokens for high security and convenience

  • Easy to recharge the amount on the contactless devices

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