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SimageTracker combines GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies in an industrial, compact grade design. Its exceptionally small footprint featuring embedded antennas and a single port connector makes it easy to fit into any vehicle. Simage Tracker provides key features for fleet management applications including reporting of position, speed mileage and ignition of the vehicle. Empowered by the latest generation of cellular technologies Simage Tracker also provides intelligent device management functionality like remote firmware and software upgrade and diagnostics. It can be easily integrated into your back-end application server.

General Features


General Features
- Temperature range:
- Operational: -20°C to +55°C (ETSI compliant)
- Fonctional: -30°C to +80°C
- Storage: -40°C to +85°C
- Casing: PC/ABS material UL94V-0 flammability
- Shock and Vibration : SAE J1211
- Dimensions: 58.6 x 60 x 13mm
- Weight: 45g

Electrical Characteristics
- Supply voltage range: 6-32V DC >
- Current consumption during idle: 58mA Typical at 12V DC
- Current consumption during transmission: 104mA Typical at 12V DC
- Current consumption during power saving: 8mA Typical at 12V DC

- Wireless Microprocessor - WMP100 - approved module by AT&T; PTCRB Certified & FCC Certified - Sierra Wireless
- Frequency band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
- Built in Quad Band GSM antenna
- SIM card interface 1.8/3.0V
- SIM card holder: Flip type; SIM card is accessible under the lid

- GPS engine : CompactRide emD1000k (eRide Inc.)
- Positioning Accuracy : 7m outdoors (CEP 95%) and <20m indoors
- A-GPS position aiding
- High sensitivity down to -155.5dBm for both acquisition and tracking
- TTFF typically 3s when hot and <40s from cold (outdoors)
- Built-in antenna

- Embedded software for faster time to market Or Customizable OpenAT application
- GSM / GPRS (TCP or UDP) or SMS communincation channels

- One red color LED indicating GPS position fix
- One greeen color LED indicating GSM registration

- 10-pin connector
Connection for :
- Power supply
- Open collector output (able to drive external LED/relay 250mA) x2
- Digital input x2 : active between 6v to 32V DC
- Analog input x1
Connecting cable :
- 10 pin plug
- Wire harness
- 2A fuse on power
- Relay socket (for starter connection)

- Immediate reporting of vehicle status (position, speed, mileage, ignition)
- Disable/Enable ignition - engine
- Configurable alert messages for overspeed, geofence, ignition, etc.
- Software/Firmware upgrade over the air

Accessible from outside after removing a plastic lid
- Serial port at logic 2.8V TTL level + other electrical test point
- Using external RS232 tansceiver for connection to a PC, for diagnostic &
software upgrade

- FCC Part 15B, 22H & 24E Certification
- PTCRB Certification
- RoHS

- Optional external battery
- OBD2 wire harness0
- Plastic blister for protection and mounting

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