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Biometric Systems

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Local and national authorities are constantly looking at providing better services to the citizens. The very premise of democracy is that the rights of the citizens are protected and they have access to the public resources. The smooth functioning of the public services is dependent on provisioning of the services based on identity validation. 


With the increasing crime rates, it is important for authorities to ensure that their services are not being misused by criminals and anti-social elements. The success of democracy is dependent on this as ID theft can lead to voter fraud and might undermine the democratic system. This is the reason why countries create a National ID system to protect the lawful citizens. 

ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification Systems)

The national registry which includes the credentials of the citizens, like their name, date of birth, gender, etc also includes the biometric information of the citizens. As the biometrics attributes are unique to each individual hence it is not possible to forge them. By verifying the biometrics of the individuals, the authorities can authenticate their identity. The biometrics could include the fingerprint, iris scan, facial scans, finger vein scan, or all of them. 


Simage, together with its partners can provide biometric enrolment systems and help create the biometrics database registry. With the biometric matching algorithms, we can then enable quick verification of the individual's identity. The system is called the ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) and has multi-biometric support. When the individual's biometric feature is scanned, the ABIS can automatically check the biometric database to determine if the person is an offender or a lawful citizen. The advanced matching algorithms reduce the time to check the individual's credentials against a national registry database. As the system uses non-proprietary formats to store the information hence it can be easily integrated with other systems. 


The matching algorithms can use multiple biometrics like the fingerprint, iris scan, facial scans, finger vein scan, etc. The facial recognition system is also used in our 'Video Surveillance Solution' offering. 

Mobile ID

As we have before, Simage provides the Mobile ID application which has the ability to capture the biometrics of the individual in the mobile phone which can be later used as a 'Federated ID'. This application can be used by the authorities as well in order to quickly verify the identity of the user and match it against the national biometrics database. 


By using the application, the law enforcement services can conveniently use the ID verification process anywhere by validating user identity. This can also be used for easily provisioning various services to the individual like utility connections, mobile subscriptions, etc. As the application has multi-biometric support hence various methods of verification can be used depending on the availability of the verification tools. 

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